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Gina Nemo teaches private Acting lessons in Ojai and Ventura. She prepares her students for a career in television and film. She also guides them through the auditioning process. Gina also helps parents get their kids started in the industry. Currently she has students in Ojai, Ventura and surrounding areas (Ojai, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Oxnard and Westlake). She has been mentoring and teaching people of all ages for over twenty years. $125 an hour$500 for four monthly lessons* Price depends on location, travel time and amount of hours committed* Days & times are limited. Please email vasacting@gmail.com or call 805.322.8588

These private sessions are geared to help people with interviews, client meetings, speaking engagements, live group discussions, public speaking, pitches and more. We have worked with real estate agents, teachers, on-line personalities, business owners, actors, speakers at weddings and more.Although we use acting techniques to help build your confidence, these sessions will also help you in all parts of your life. Taught by Founder & Head Instructor Gina Nemo.