About Us

Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) is a professional acting studio based in Ventura & Ojai, California (www.ojaiacting.com is also associated with VAS). Students in our weekly classes have participated in commercials, television pilots and film classes through our subsidiary 805Casting.

Most of our students are working professionally in theater, television and films and we have quite a few students who started with no experience at all and have now started to pursue a career in acting. We cater to each individual person and child. Our instructors have over 40 years of experience in theater, television , film and casting. The instructor and founder Gina Nemo studied with the late Peggy Feury (who taught with Lee Strasberg and then created the famed Hollywood "Loft Studioā€¯). Gina attended there for many years along with fellow classmates Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn & Nicolas Cage to name a few and she also studied with Nina Foch and Janet Alhanty in the 80's. Nemo is an award-winning actress for her role on the original television series "21 Jump Street" and has performed in many television shows and also in theaters in the Los Angeles area and Europe. Nemo has also produced and directed television, documentaries, commercials, music videos and promotional campaigns for studios and has mentored talent of all ages throughout the years.