Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) Launches Ventura Film School (VFS) in August 2021. Film students will immediately work on set and shadow industry professionals

Ventura Film School (VFS) is the first film school to place their beginner film students directly on a professional feature film set. Students start their journey with a weekly workshop and work directly with the director and producer on the film. Other professionals are also brought into the sessions. Some professional crew positions will be hired on the feature but the students will either team up together or shadow others on set. The workshop before the actual shoot is weekly and also done via Zoom on other days. The students also get practice runs in the studio and also on location to make sure they are prepared.

“How many kids pay 50k a year at top film schools and never get hired in Los Angeles?” remarked Gina Nemo, Award-winning Producer and Filmmaker. “This is the best production ninja course you could ever ask for. I’m excited to see people actually get on a set and not have to wait many years to get their first set experience. They also get their first film credit and do not have to take out huge loans that take years to pay back.” Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) is an award-winning acting school that is based in Ventura, California. Currently the school has students from all over Ventura County and Los Angeles. Gina Nemo also works with students on Zoom in LA,NY and internationally.

The Nemo Method is a technique that is accelerated and is based in method acting. The techniques can get beginner actors working in as little as a few months and improve their skill levels in a few hours. Professional actors also improve and get casted in bigger roles after perfecting the techniques. Ventura Film School (VFS) is another exciting addition to the school.

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