Gina Nemo Studios is for professional working actors in Ventura.
Students from Ojai, Ventura and other areas surrounding attend her master class and her
Thursday night class. Students from these classes get
casting opportunities and more.

Students in these classes get priority when it comes to opportunities to work in projects shooting locally.

Currently taking new students in this class.

*** Rate is $300 per month. Classes are invite only. Please email or call 805.322.8588


Gina Nemo studied with the late Peggy Feury (Lee Strasberg) at the famed Hollywood "Loft Studio" (with alumni's Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn & Nicolas Cage to name a few), Nina Foch and Janet Alhanty in the 80's. Nemo is an award-winning actress for her role on the original television series "21 Jump Street" and has performed in many television shows and also in theaters in the Los Angeles area and Europe. Nemo has also produced and directed television, documentaries, music videos and promotional campaigns for studios and has mentored talent of all ages throughout the years.

She will be teaching these weekly classes to help students of all ages with confidence building skills, scene study and script analysis (theater, tv and film).

Nemo will be teaching students how to better their game and give behind the scene tips on how to work in Hollywood in television and film. There will be opportunities for her students to participate in future film and production classes.

Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) welcomes guest instructors for different classes. We have upcoming film classes, casting workshops and more scheduled for Fall 2019.

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