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VAS Founder Gina Nemo

The main story

Founder and Head Instructor of Ventura Actors Studio (VAS), Gina Nemo produced a television pilot in Los Angeles in early 2017. Students from VAS Master and Pro classes all played featured and starring roles in the show. VAS is the premiere school in Ventura for Television, Film and Audition techniques. We have classes for adults, teens and kids in Ventura & Ojai. Currently we have students from Ventura, Ojai, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, North Hollywood, Camarillo, Westlake and other surrounding areas. We also have actors from Los Angeles join our Master Class as guests when they are in the area. Some of our students were traveling to Los Angeles for class and have now joined VAS. Ventura Actors Studio (VAS) nurtures and encourages students to succeed in television and film and also helps guide each and every student towards their industry goals. Nemo is currently developing other film projects that will shoot next year starring quite a few of her students. Shoot dates will be announced in early 2018. Some kids/teens VAS students will also participate in one of these projects.


VAS Students Star in a TV Pilot

Ventura Actors Studio December News!

VAS students are booking roles in TV & Film! Special guest Ash Adams came to speak to our Master Class in November about his experiences as an actor and filmmaker. The Master Class is taught by VAS Founder and head instructor Gina Nemo and is now invite only. Other special guests will be joining us in 2018. We want to say congrats to a few of our students! Sanjay Williams for his role on Code Black on ABC and a Nike commercial, Steve Black for his role on a new upcoming series and a feature film and Russel Donahue for booking a role in two feature films. Also a special congrats to our PRO Teen Brenda Mayorga for booking a spot on a you tube channel with over 2 million subscribers. Keep shining! We are so proud of you!

Happy Holidays!

Sanjay Williams                                                  Steve Black                                                  Russel Donahue

Brenda Mayorga is
in our PRO kids/
teens class and
has booked quite
a few projects
this year. We are
so proud of you!

Actor and Filmmaker
Ash Adams was our
special guest in
November in our
Masters Class.

Pete Ryan teaches
our Thursday night
class with head
instructor Gina Nemo.
Pete Ryan will be
teaching a New Adult
Class on Fridays
from 3-4:30pm
in Ventura.

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